Help Us Expand be'Listx Beyond Killeen, TX

Open your own food franchise!

Do you want to be a part of the be'Listx family? You’ll soon have the opportunity to open your own food franchise outside of Killeen, TX. We want people all over to get the chance to enjoy our menu.

We’ve got the best team and business model, and we want to find partners who:

  • Are dedicated
  • Are hardworking
  • Love chicken

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Being a BE'LISTX® Franchisee is a life investment

BE'LISTX's success is directly tied to the passion and drive that our Overseers bring to their local businesses. That's why we take great care in selecting who we go into business with, getting to know candidates through our intensive and lengthy selection process.

Overseers spend their time and resources to build a Be'listx brand and continue the incredible legacy that began with our founder, Patrick A. We share in Patrick's vision to be an impactful influence on the people and communities we serve.

Franchising is not an opportunity for passive financial investment, working from the sidelines, or adding to a portfolio of business ventures. This stewardship business opportunity is a hands-on, life investment to operate and oversee a quick-service restaurant. It often requires long hours and leading a team of mostly young, hourly-paid team members. It's hard work - but it's exceedingly rewarding.

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Benefits of becoming a food franchisor

There are a lot of great perks to taking part in a food franchise. You can make money without the big initial investment and risks. Since our brand is already established, the amount of work that will go into getting it up and running is minimal.

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10 Things to know before Applying

1) A highly competitive rigorous lengthy process.

2) Personal finances must show a solid history of financial stewardship (making good financial decisions and positioned to take the risk of starting a business)

3) Restaurant experience not required. Passion for & Desire to be On a Restaurant industry is a must.

4) When it comes to choosing a location, Be'listx focuses on growth strategy, with a focus on local ownership

5) Franchisees/Overseers may be required to dissolve certain LLC & holdings to shift focus & full time & personal efforts to the restaurant business(One Owner, one restaurant)

6) Although there's a proven foundation. Success is proven by the franchisee/Overseer

7) This is not a passive Income

8) This is a people business (your team, your customers, your community are all part of your business)

9) This is not a 9-5 job

10) This a Total life Investment

Highly Selective

Competitive candidates will show evidence of personal financial integrity and stewardship, proven business leadership-and business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, a growth mindset, and strong character.


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